Harmony Nightingale

The Apprentice

Hey, my names Harmony and I’m the apprentice of the Inkden family!

My goals are to focus on Black and Grey realism as well as some more delicate floral pieces & watercolour as I start my career in the tattoo industry. Currently building up my portfolio, when I’m not in the studio I’m juggling life as a single mum as well as doing as much art as possible. My designs are mostly black & grey realism as well as a lot of watercolour pieces which hopefully I’ll be moving from paper to skin in the near future!

Art has always been a big passion of mine; I’ve been drawing since I can remember and even studied film & media as well as Graphic design in high school which really helped me experiment different techniques and find my true passion for watercolour.

CONTACT: 07957 021702 | inkden.tattoo@gmail.com