Poem “In the heart of ink and art”

17. 10. 2023

In the heart of ink and art, where tales are told,
Inkden Tattoo Studio, where creativity unfolds.
Guest artists, a tapestry of talent and hue,
In our inked world, every vision comes true.

Reilly, our receptionist, steadfast and bright,
Guiding our guests through day and night.
A warm smile, a welcoming embrace,
At Inkden, you’ll find your happy place.

Adrianna, the master of lines so fine,
Ink magic dances in her design.
With precision and grace, her art takes flight,
Linear tattoos that shine so bright.

Shamack, a whisperer to biomechanical dreams,
From lands afar, his fame streams.
Clients from China and the USA unite,
For Shamack’s ink, a luminous sight.

Chris, the cover-up master, we adore,
With skill and vision, he’ll do so much more.
In the tapestry of ink, he’ll weave,
A masterpiece, for you to believe.

Holly, a painter in colors so real,
Her inked visions, a vibrant ordeal.
Ink stories that come alive and soar,
On your skin, forever to explore.

Jade, a lover of the black and white,
In her creations, a magical flight.
Inkden’s tales etched in shadows and light,
A monochrome world, a mystical rite.

Tea Amantes, where Anna reigns with grace,
In the same building, a delightful place.
Inkden patrons, a treat you shall find,
With 15% off, a sweet bind.

But more than ink, in our creative sphere,
Laser removal and piercings near.
Inkden is more than just a studio’s name,
It’s a haven where dreams etch their flame.