Bio-mechanical realistic award winning international custom tattoo artist



Hey, I’m Holly – although I tattoo many different styles, I specialise in colour & black and grey realism.



Hello, I’m Chris – art has always been a big part of my life, growing up I really enjoyed painting and sculpting and took a lot of inspiration from tattoo art.



Hey! I’m Adrianna and I’m a tattoo artist who specialises in black work, line work and geometric tattoos.



Hi, my name is Jade and I have been tattooing in Blackpool for five years now and fell in love with the craft more and more each day.



Luke Barnes Tattoo Artist Hiya, my name is Luke and I’m honoured to be the newest addition of the inkden team, I’ve always had a […]



Pedro is specializing in black and grey and colour work.
He creates stunning realism.



Hello, my names Anna and I am the laser tattoo removal specialist in the studio.


22. 01. 2021

Biomechanical Sculptures

Biomechanical scrap sculptures In search of inspiration and reference for my tattoo designs, I have created a series of sculpture projects that represent body parts, […]

23. 07. 2024

Daren Cosgrove: Our Latest Guest Artist

At Inkden Tattoo Studio, we are thrilled to have hosted the immensely talented Daren Cosgrove as our guest artist. Daren, renowned for his intricate designs […]

20. 07. 2024


INKDEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TATTOOING ·         If you are unable to attend your session, please let us know within 72 hours to avoid losing your […]

20. 07. 2024


Studio has no parking space availible for customers. Please be aware. Inkden do not cover your cost of parking or take any responsibility for any […]

20. 07. 2024

Tattoo aftercare

Gently remove cling film 3-4 hours after tattoo is finished. Wash carefully in warm water. Rinse and gently pat dry with a kitchen roll or […]


Tattoo Shops Blackpool

Inkden Tattoo Studio

Inkden is a leading custom tattoo studio in Blackpool and we started our beginnings in Dragons Den Tattoo Studio. When it comes to finding the best tattoo shop in Blackpool or the best Blackpool tattoo artists, Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool is the tattoo studio to go to.

From a tattoo cover up to new tattoos, we’re confident in saying that we can help. If you come to our tattoo shop in Blackpool with a design in mind then that’s great, but if you would like one of our tattoo artists assistance with the design, then we can do just that. We want to bring your ideas to life, with a perfect piece of lasting art.

About Our Tattoo Studio in Blackpool

Shamack is the tattoo shop owner and came to Blackpool IN 2008. Since then Inkden has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the best tattoo studios in Blackpool.

Our Blackpool tattoo studio is fully air conditioned and at InkDen our customers are our main focus and priority. Should you have any questions prior to the tattoo, which is only natural, then we will be happy to put your mind at ease.

Once more, if you’re new to Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool, then we will be happy to discuss any thoughts or questions you may have to ensure that you’re completely comfortable. For more information regarding our Blackpool tattoo shop, please do not hesitate to give Inkden a call today. Let’s talk tattoos!

Our Tattoo Artists

We are a super diverse group of people who have their vision and values in common, together with our love for tattoos and arts. Our main principle is to realise our clients dream tattoos not only in a professional manner, but also in a fun, chilled and welcoming environment!

So when it comes to choosing a Blackpool tattoo artist for your new piece, be sure to trust the experts at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool. We have international award winning custom artists so you can trust that you will be at the best tattoo shop in Blackpool when choosing Inkden.

Meet us!

Guest Artists

We connect Tattoo Artists with Clients around the world.

A studio guest spot is a great opportunity to book a tattoo with artists from around the world who often are booked up for months, even years in advance!

Our studio has been visited by many fantastic tattoo artists, thank you to them for staying with us! We look forward to seeing you again.

Meet Our Latest Guest!

Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you’d like to have removed? Then that’s something we can help with at Inkden. We’re here to provide you with all aspects of tattooing, from new tattoos to laser tattoo removal in Blackpool, Inkden are here to help. We remove tattoos since 2009 and over 20 years of tattooing experience.

We like to pride ourselves on our 5 star hygiene rating and that we use the medical grade laser machines as medical clinics. Anna (our laser tattoo removal specialist) has the highest available qualifications in this field from Lynton and Manchester University.

Best Tattoo Shops Blackpool

When it comes to finding tattoo shops in Blackpool, our professionals at Inkden are here to offer both quality and excellent prices. We aim to deliver the best tattoo designs with a more personal tattooing experience. So, no matter if you’re looking for a tattoo cover up, or multiple tattoos, we’re here to offer a tailored service. We even offer advice should this be your first tattoo.

All of our tattoo needles are gas sterilised and pre-packed, this is to ensure complete safety and hygiene before carrying out your tattoo. So, for those looking for a professional tattoo studio in Blackpool, be sure to call on Inkden. Call us today to discuss your tattoo appointments.

The way to your new tattoo

Formally Dragons Den Tattoo Blackpool, Inkden have over 20 years of personal tattooing experience, so we’re highly confident in saying that we can help. Nothing is off limits for us, so if you’re thinking of having a new tattoo be sure to make the most of our walk in tattoos in Blackpool. Visit our tattoo studio in Blackpool for the best tattoos around.

See our awards and distinctions.

Tattoo Conventions

We participate in the best British and world tattoo conventions and festivals. Our artists have been awarded many times at Tattoo Conventions. We also have international award winning custom artists.

Our Blackpool tattoo shop has taken tattooing to a new level. Offering custom tattoos, cover up tattoos and award winning tattoos in Blackpool, Manchester and Liverpool is what we strive to offer with our tattooists. All of your artists attend most tattoo conventions so if you’re wanting a tattoo in Manchester or a tattoo in Liverpool this is easier than you think.

Tattoo conventions are a perfect way to have a tattoo by one of our Inkden artists.  If this is something that you may be interested in, then you can get more information at the Studio.

For The Best Tattoo Shop in Blackpool, Choose Inkden

Having offered tattoos in Blackpool for over 20 years now, we have been the first choice for many in search of the best tattoo shops. So, no matter the design you have in mind, we’ll be there to cater to it.

Once more, we are available for walk in tattoos in Blackpool, so if you’re here to visit or from the local area, we’ll always have availability for you. Simply visit our tattoo shop in Blackpool today to discover more about Inkden and our tattoo studio. Avoid disappointment and choose Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool!

Call: 0795 702 17 02

Our Blog

Welcome to our Inkden news page, here you can catch up with all things going on in the studio. We often attend tattoo conventions both in the UK and around the world. Our studio is always evolving, this is the best place to keep up to date with our Blackpool studio and all of our tattoo artists. Should you have any questions regarding any news below then please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.