Brighton Tattoo Convention

Over 300 world class tattooists!

The Brighton Tattoo convention promises its attendees a fun-filled event with some of the renowned artists in the niche and traders coupled with workshops entertainment and parties. Place: Brighton Centre.


Bristol Tattoo Convention

Visit Bristol and get a tattoo!

The Bristol tattoo convention will features artists, merch stalls, trade stands and entertainment. It will boast of competitions like: Best Large Colour, Best Traditional Tattoo, Best Portrait etc. Place: Brunel Old Station, Bristol.


Cornwall Tattoo Convention

Come along to Cornwall’s Tattoo Convention for an art. indulgence!

Cornwall’s tattoo convention characterises local as well as international artists along with entertainment from Chaos Dolls, fire breathers, merchants and graffiti arts tutorial. Place: Falmouth University, Penryn


The Ink and Iron Show

UK’s longest running tattoo convention!

The Ink and Iron Show has artists pouring in from all across the world. There is a huge array of merchandise on display with competitions, live music, burlesque acts and of course an open invitation to get inked. Place: The New Bingley Hall, Birmingham


London International Tattoo Convention

Tattoos, Culture & Lifestyle

The London International Tattoo Convention features attracts hundreds of tattoo artists from across the globe. This presents an amazing chance to get inked by the most seasoned artists in the industry. Needless to say, this convention is coupled with unbelievable amount of entertainment that is going to keep you hooked all day. Places: Tobacco Dock, London E1W.


Maidstone Tattoo Extravaganza

Maidstone Tattoo Extravaganza a yearly event, Held over the Easter bank Holidays Open from Saturday at 9am with pre paid tickets and closes Bank Holiday Monday.

The Maidstone Tattoo Extravaganza with hundreds of artists, a bike and car show, charity events, fun fair and adding to the zest is live music with an assortment of food and trade stands. Place: Kent Showground, Maidstone.


The Great British Tattoo

London calling!

The Great British Tattoo convention hosts fashion shows, lingerie shows, competitions, awards, live music and much more. And what’s more, you get the chance to get yourself tattooed by some of the best artists in the world. Place: Alexandra Palace, London N22.


Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Live tattooing from over 250 tattoo artists, live music, live performances, competitions, uk tattoo awards!

The Liverpool Tattoo Convention will give you the chance to choose from a host of local and international artists. Besides, to add to the fun, there is Miss Tattoo UK that you can look forward to, along with horror boards, competitions, traders and live music. Place: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool


Portsmouth Tattoo Convention

This 2 day event will feature live tattooing from 70+ World Class Artists!

The Portsmouth Tattoo Convention plays host to over 60 working tattoo artists from across the globe as well as from UK talent. This convention boasts of traditional hand tattooing, live bands, entertainment. Place: The Guildhall, Portsmouth


Tattoo Jam

The most exciting, most anticipated and most talked about tattoo event of the year!

Tattoo Jam is UK’s biggest tattoo convention (also mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records) and offers the best chance to get inked by the best artists of the country. There are tattoo awards, a battle of bands, burlesque and side shows. Place: Doncaster Racecourse.


History of Tattoo Convent

The first world tattoo convention was held by Lyle Tuttle and Dave Yurkew on January 24–25, 1976 in Houston, Texas. Dave Yurkew, who was also President of the North American Tattoo Club went on to host another 6 consecutive World Tattoo Conventions through 1982. Lyle Tuttle was quoted as saying that this was. “The event that changed tattooing forever.”

On January 19–21, 1996, Dave Yurkew and Lyle Tuttle co-hosted the 20th Anniversary of the First World Tattoo Convention in Houston, Texas, following up with the 25th anniversary on January 18–21, 2001 in Houston, hosted by Dave Yurkew and John “Big John” G. Stuckey.

The first International Tattoo Artists Association Convention was held in 1977 in Reno, and the first National Convention was held in Denver, Colorado March 23–25, 1979 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Speakers at this convention were: Don Ed Hardy, Terry Wrigley, Peter Tat 2 Poulos, Diane Poulos, Bob Shaw, Big Walt Kilkucki, Painless Jeff Baker, Dave Yurkew, and from Germany Horst Streckenbach and Manfred Kohrs.

Tattoo conventions range from small events sponsored by a local business that may last a day, to major international conventions spanning a weekend or the better part of a week.

They may include contests and exhibitions, booths selling tattoo-related items and even booths rented for use by tattoo artists who work during the convention. Collectors may attend conventions specifically to obtain a tattoo from a particular visiting artist.

Other events may include professional events such as workshops and meetings as well as social events.

Contests, usually restricted to registered participants, usually feature a variety of categories: black-and-gray, tribal, oriental, backpiece, women, men, and so on. Judging may be by vote or by a panel of judges.

The first tattoo convention in London, England took place in 2005.

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