Shamack’s Guest Spot at Ink-Ognito Tattoo Studio

06. 08. 2019

Shamack’s guest spot at INK-OGNITO TATTOO studio – Bio Mechanical tattoos at his guest spot!

Shamack has been busy away from the InkDen tattoo studio tattooing in Poland this past week from a bio mechanical rework to a stunning dragon tattoo. Ink-Ognito has an amazing team of award winning tattooists. Offering many different styles of tattooing from realism tattoos to neo traditional tattoos. Shamack was happy to add some bio mechanical to the roster.

During Shamacks stay at the studio he spent three days tattooing. Above is one of the tattoos done by Shamack during his guest spot.

Shamack was in his element while working on this Bio Mechanical tattoo rework. Below is the finished bio mechanical tattoo. What a great guest spot!

As well as tattooing at the Ink-Ognito tattoo studio for his guest spot Shamack also attended the second annual Zamojska Konwencja Tattoo convention in Poland. We will be posting more of the tattoo convention shortly. Maybe more bio mechanical?

Shamack documented his time at the tattoo studio on his phone and has been busy editing this short video of his time on his guest spot at Ink Ognito studio.

Here is Shamack’s video during his tattoo guest spot:

To see more of Shamacks tattoo work:

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