What makes our studio stand out

13. 09. 2022

Here at the Inkden studio, we pride ourselves on being a little different. If you’ve visited us before you may have picked up on a few of the things I’ll mention today – if you haven’t then hopefully this will convince you to take a trip down to come and see for yourself!

When you first come into the studio, our comfy waiting area is to the right, and we have our very own tearoom to the left. So, whether you’re in for a consultation, an appointment, or just passing by – there’s always some tasty food and drinks available to everyone. The lovely ladies in the tearoom cater to as many dietary requirement as they can, whether you’re looking for a little snack, a gluten- free option, or even something vegan friendly – they have some great options!


If the good food isn’t enough to pull you in, we also hold a new exhibition every month, showcasing the work of local artists over the entire ground floor. So, if you’re a fan of art then we recommend stopping by to see some of the pieces we have up as they do change monthly. To add to the creative tone, we also have our own Inkden merch, ranging from things as little as lanyards and socks, to dresses and beach towels! Our tattooists create all designs themselves and enjoy having the pieces on display for customers to see. 

The last things I’ll remind you about is that as well as our group of 7 very talented tattoo artists, we also have Anna, our laser tattoo removal expert right beside us in the building. Anna has the highest qualifications possible to get in the UK so we can assure you, you’re in safe hands with her. Also, we have Adrianna – although she’s one of our very talented tattoo artists, she’s also a fully qualified piercer and permanent makeup artist! So, I’m sure if there’s something you’re looking for, there’s a good chance we have someone here for you.

We hope to see you soon!

– The Inkden Family.