Winter Is Coming – Shamack’s guest spot at North of Winter…

01. 07. 2019

This month witnessed the beginning of Shamack’s guest spot appearances which this year will take him around the UK as well as around Europe. First on his list of guest spots was at the renowned Manchester based tattoo studio North of Winter.

Tattooing alongside Shamack during his 3 day guest spot were resident artists; Sam Barber, Jak Connolly, Jordan Oterski, Dom Brown, Char Small, Karolina Czekaj, Dean Gunther and Helen Warren.

During Shamack’s fully booked time at the studio he had the pleasure of tattoing the Greek Goddess, Athena – God of war on his first day on his first day. Here is a shot of the finished tattoo.

On his second day was a full day session on a bio mechanical piston cover-up piece. Bio Mechanical work is Shamacks passion so this was a great day for both the client and the tattooist!

Shamack’s third day saw the final touches to InkDen studio receptionist’s Ben’s Blade Runner sleeve. This stunning Blade Runner sleeve had its final touches on its sixth tattoo session with Shamack.

As well as boasting an A grade plethora of resident artist’s the studio also has a painting / gallery space where many work in progress and finished paintings are on show to the public. Below are some examples of the work on show done by the artists in the studio. Therefore it was amazing to see the tattooists taking their skills to other mediums.

Shamack finished his guest spot by going for a meal with the artist’s where tattoos, techniques and knowledge was shared over food. Thank you for your hospital North of Winter, we shall see you again soon. Winter is coming Manchester!