10 Questions To Ask Your Tattoo Artist

23. 05. 2022

Getting a tattoo can be a very daunting time, especially if it’s your first tattoo. So, if you’re trying to prepare yourself, we’re here to help with everything you need to know. From cover ups to new tattoos, we have become the leading tattoo shop in Blackpool for many. So, before you go ahead with your next tattoo, be sure to read our advice below on what to ask your tattoo artist.

We’re here to help you with all aspects of your tattoo. Regardless of whether you’re visiting a new tattoo studio and would like to find out more about the artist prior to your tattoo or this is your first ever tattoo, we have some handy advice for you. That being said, let’s get into our 10 top questions to ask your tattoo artist prior to the tattoo.

Ask About Their Experience

Before you jump into getting your tattoo, it’s always worth knowing how much experience your tattooist has. This could then help you to decide if they’re the tattooist for you. Experience isn’t everything, but it will help you to determine whether you’re comfortable and happy with them doing your tattoo.

Discuss Your Design Ideas

The next part of the conversation should be around what you have in mind for your tattoo. This could be your own drawing for them to perfect or the idea you have for them to then create on paper. Either way, be sure to share your ideas and don’t be afraid to speak up if their initial design isn’t what you have in mind. Any reputable tattooist will want to complete something that you’re 110% happy with.

Find Out What They Specialise In

This is something that is extremely important. Now you know the design you have in mind, the next step is to confirm what type of art they specialise in. Some tattooists have different skills and specialised areas than others, so be sure to find out if your design is something they’re capable of, and if not ask about other tattoos in the studio who could potentially create the tattoo.

Ask About Pricing

Once your design and plan of action are finalised, it’s worth asking how much the tattoo will cost and payment. Different tattoo shops will accept different payment methods and are priced differently. So, before you sit on the chair be sure of the cost of your tattoo and make sure that you are happy with it.

Ask How Long It Will Take

Within the pricing conversation, you should also ask how long roughly you should expect the tattoo to take. Some small designs may take minutes whereas larger tattoos with lots of design and detail could be hours, if not multiple sittings. Be sure to inquire about this so you know exactly how long it will take to complete your new tattoo.

Check Out Their Social Media

One of the best ways to see the work that your tattoo artist has completed is by checking out their social media. Here you will see their work all in one place, newest first meaning you will be able to see the quality and depth of their work. If they are old school and don’t use social media, then you could also request looking at their portfolio to see the kind of work they produce.

Ask About Hygiene and Aftercare

Your chosen tattoo artist should take well being and hygiene extremely seriously. So, again, before you sit down for the tattoo be sure to ask about the hygiene and safety regulations they abide by. You should also discuss the aftercare and how you should be looking after your tattoo once it’s been completed. At this point, you can also ask any other questions regarding aftercare and even how to prepare for the tattoo.

Ask If You Need ID

If you’re 18 or look under 25, you may be asked to provide ID. So, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, be it today or in the near future, it’s best to ask if your chosen tattoo studio requires ID and to bring it along with you just in case!

Ask About What You Should and Shouldn’t Do Before

Something that you should consider before getting your tattoo is what you do and don’t eat and drink. You should avoid drinking alcohol before a tattoo and always make sure to have something to eat. Eating will help to prevent blood sugar crashes during your tattoo process. You should also drink plenty and stay hydrated on the day before and the day of your session.

Another thing you should think about is what to wear. You should always wear something light and loose to help provide easy access. Depending on where the tattoo is going, you may need to remove clothing if you don’t wear something loose or for better access to the chosen area. 

Ask When You Can Make An Appointment

If you’re happy with the answers provided to the questions above, then it’s time to request an appointment! You should then ask the artist when they’re available next and if you can make an appointment. Some tattooists have walk in appointments whereas others may have a waiting list.

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