Custom Biomechanical Back based on Zbrush 3d Project

06. 03. 2022

This is one of my favourite piece done with using 3d designing software

We had a lot of fun with creating process from research on the body anatomy to work with the body flow and movement.

I have started with few sketches to plan general layout and how to placed all elements. Barret has send me some reference of tattoos and designs he like.

With photos of his car and his back. This has give me a general idea of what he likes. we have arranged 3 double sessions so 6 full day- 8h sessions.

I was very impressed on how he is handling 2 days at time of intensive tattooing and we had a lot of progress done each session.

Considering distance he has to do each time it was important for bought of us to get as much done each time as possible so we worked hard to deliver every time.

In video bellow you can see whole process from sketching ideas.

Creating 3d design and how it looked after last session

Some part where you can see the design in motion and some neon version we made for fun. ­čÖé