InkDen Tattoo Studio Terms & Conditions

10. 11. 2020

  • 48 Hours Notice required for cancellation or any changes of appointments. Maximum 15 minutes late acceptable. Please Note all deposits are non refundable. Appointment cards which have been given to you is a receipt/ proof that you’ve paid a deposit which must be kept and shown at the studio on the day of your tattoo session.
  • Before your session
  • Please inform us of any medical conditions or medication that may affect your tattoo!!!
  • Please do not consume any alcohol 24 hours prior to your booking.
  • Clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be tattooed and will lose their deposit.
  • Before attending your session
  • Please make sure you have had a good night’s sleep and eaten a substantial meal. Bring drinks and snacks with you; we do sell a range of these at the studio too.
  • All clients must be aged 18 or over to receive a tattoo
  • Valid photographic identification will be required as proof of age. Failure to produce a photo ID will mean we are unable to do your tattoo and you will lose your deposit.
  • Clients will be provided with thorough aftercare instructions.
  • Please follow them…
  • Pregnant or a nursing mother
  • You will be unable to be tattooed.
  • Please inform us if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions:
  • Blood Borne Viruses- HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, blood pressure problems, haemophilia and blood clotting disorders. If you are taking any medications, such as antibiotics or blood thinning medication please let us know. If you suffer from any allergies or any of the following skin conditions, it is extremely important you make us aware of these beforehand. Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, skin cancers. In some cases we will advise seeking the opinion of a medical professional and ask clients to obtain written consent prior to the booking. Failure to mention any of the above conditions prior to your appointment may result in us being unable to do your tattoo and you will lose your deposit.
  • Healed scars (white scars) are usually able to be tattooed over, but this is not always the case
  • If you have any scarring in and around the area of your chosen tattoo placement, we need to be made aware of this beforehand. Also if you have experienced any unusual changes on the area of skin before the booking, let us know.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to perform any tattoo at any time without reason.
  • By completing and signing our booking form you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions