Why InkDen?

10. 11. 2020

  • Can I Get A Tattoo if I’m Under 18?
  • No. It is considered child abuse by law to tattoo a minor at either of our locations.
  • Does It Hurt?
  • Tattoos can hurt, but this isn’t something we focus on and neither should yourself. Generally places like the top of the arm, forearm, back of shoulder are great places to start if pain is an issue but if you have any more questions with regards to tattoo pain feel free to get in touch and we can speak further in detail with yourself
  • Are Infections Common?
  • Not Here, we proudly hold a 5 star hygiene rating both in our tattoo studio and tattoo laser removal clinic. We have received substantial training and years of experience in our studio. We use new single-use needles and sterile techniques to ensure you won’t leave with any germs. After each tattoo your InkDen tattoo artist will talk you through tattoo aftercare as well as giving yourself a tattoo aftercare leaflet for reference.
  • Can Tattoos Conceal Stretch Marks Or Scars?
  • Yes, but to a varying degree of success. Due to the nature of scars and stretch marks, there tattoo. The texture of the skin will not be changed by a tattoo; thus, some of these marks will still be visible but may be less noticeable. Feel free to get in touch and we will happily speak in further detail with any issues.
  • How Long Until I Can Swim After Getting Tattooed And What Else Should I Avoid?
  • Most tattoos take a few weeks to heal and during that time it is best to avoid long soaking, friction and scratching/picking. Sunburn (or tanning) can also damage a new tattoo and yield painful results.
  • What Is The Price Range For Tattoos?
  • Prices start at ¬£30 (shop minimum) and are quoted by your artist according to design, size, location, etc. An artist must be able to see your completed design in person and discuss with you size, location, etc. in order to provide accurate pricing. Remember, the best price doesn’t necessarily yield the best results.
  • Is it customary to tip your artist/piercer?
  • If you are happy with their work, please feel free to do so. Tips are always appreciated. We pride ourselves on our artwork and 5 star hygiene rated studio. If you don’t feel like a tip is for you we would ask if you could leave a review, we always love to hear your feedback.