Bio-mechanical realistic award winning international custom tattoo artist



Hey, I’m Holly – although I tattoo many different styles, I specialise in colour & black and grey realism.



Hello, I’m Chris – art has always been a big part of my life, growing up I really enjoyed painting and sculpting and took a lot of inspiration from tattoo art.



Hey! I’m Adrianna and I’m a tattoo artist who specialises in black work, line work and geometric tattoos.



Hi, my name is Jade and I have been tattooing in Blackpool for five years now and fell in love with the craft more and more each day.



Luke Barnes Tattoo Artist Hiya, my name is Luke and I’m honoured to be the newest addition of the inkden team, I’ve always had a […]



Pedro is specializing in black and grey and colour work.
He creates stunning realism.



Hello, my names Anna and I am the laser tattoo removal specialist in the studio.


22. 01. 2021

Biomechanical Sculptures

Biomechanical scrap sculptures In search of inspiration and reference for my tattoo designs, I have created a series of sculpture projects that represent body parts, […]

23. 07. 2024

Daren Cosgrove: Our Latest Guest Artist

At Inkden Tattoo Studio, we are thrilled to have hosted the immensely talented Daren Cosgrove as our guest artist. Daren, renowned for his intricate designs […]

20. 07. 2024


INKDEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TATTOOING ·         If you are unable to attend your session, please let us know within 72 hours to avoid losing your […]

20. 07. 2024


Studio has no parking space availible for customers. Please be aware. Inkden do not cover your cost of parking or take any responsibility for any […]

20. 07. 2024

Tattoo aftercare

Gently remove cling film 3-4 hours after tattoo is finished. Wash carefully in warm water. Rinse and gently pat dry with a kitchen roll or […]


We are pleased to announce that Adrianna Gerzelak will be gracing the Inkden with her presence once again. This time, she will be here from 24.03.2023 to 31.03.2023.

If you’re looking for something totally bespoke and unique, then Adrianna is the artist for you. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get inked by one of the best in the business.

Adrianna is a truly talented artist, with a unique style that sets her apart from other tattooists.

Adrianna takes various mediums of artwork and creates something totally bespoke with her graphic design style twist.

She is a tattoo artist who always enjoyed the realistic style, whether it was made by using pencils, paints or digital art.

Outside of her tattooing career, Adrianna participated as a painting animator in the production of “Loving Vincent”, the first fully painted feature film which was also nominated for an Oscar. As with Adrianna’s artwork where she mixes inspiration and media, she also mixes her tattoo designs, making her as flexible as she is skilled.

If you would like to get booked in with Adrianna for your next tattoo then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For any enquiries call us on 07957021702, or go to https://inkdentattoo.co.uk/contact/

For more examples of Adrianna’s work, you can go to her Instagram: @miss.aemgie

You can see in this video different projects and designing flow.

I have started using Zbrush 3d Designing software 2 years ago and this has opened up a lot of possibilities but tuck a lot of time and it is a very time consuming you can see this in this video.

We will be updating our blog in the future so check it our from time to time to see what new is going on. 🙂

For more information regarding our tattoo shop in Blackpool, our artists or to book an appointment, please be sure to call our studio today.

I have been invited to take part in Tofi tattoo Experiment where all invited artists designing the same idea in their own style.

It has been a massive challenge as Tofi showed me how to use Zbrush and helped me to make first steps in 3d designing world. 🙂

It was a massive honor to be part of this project and it tuck some planning and many sketches to decide what to do as well with many renders of the final design to make the design work with the forearm as this was the part of the challenge to design it to work with this body part. 🙂

You can see the creative process in ling bellow

Biomechanical scrap sculptures

In search of inspiration and reference for my tattoo designs, I have created a series of sculpture projects that represent body parts, everyday items and half body figures (in collaboration with Jordan Oterski). The idea is to show how technology influences our daily lives, with metal, steel machinery and electronics hidden behind nice packaging and working in the background. We tend to not think much about how things work or how helpful they are, or even how dependent we are on them.

A Year later I created the vision of Mother Earth being overtaken by the cold metallic form of human technological progress and expansion.  

The work was influenced by the creations of HR Giger and a post catastrophic vision of our daily life. In research for ideas and inspiration, I aimed to change the simple look of our normal daily life devices that are now packed with sophisticated technology. I started experimenting with mixed mediums. With some mechanical parts, a little expandable foam, DIY tricks and an airbrush, I came out with my first piece to be featured in the Gundry National Gallery at a local artists exhibition.

My next project was the Tattoo Art Exhibition.

This project gave me a chance to prepare and showcase some of my twisted visions of things that are such an everyday part of peoples lives.

You can read more about it in link above.

Some of the pieces were showcased in other exhibitions, such as

Hive Arts Magic Weekend, which featured on BBC radio. Check out the video:

Once again, some were used as references for tattoo designs.

My next project was a collaboration with Jordan Oterski. 😊 https://www.instagram.com/p/BN6IrkXAkg4/

This piece was used as a reference for a tattoo design that Jordan tattooed on me. 😊

Eventually this sculpture was auctioned at Tatcon Tattoo Convention in Blackpool in the Charity Art Auction alongside pieces of art from other artists at the show.

The profits were donated to Blackpool Lifeboat Station

The next exhibition featured my collaboration with Anna Paprzycka, a documentarist and filmmaker. This was shown at Grundy National Gallery in Blackpool at a local artists exhibition. 😊

I created my vision of a futuristic TV breaking out from behind prison bars to visualise the story from Annas short Documentary about an ex convict who changed his life around and created a TV show to educate people about scam awareness. The show become very popular in Poland. 😊

The next exhibition at Hive was ‘Unlocked’ Expressions of Solitude, which featured artwork created by local artists during the 1st Lockdown.  

 Through the lockdown I started a new adventure with 3D printing and began learning to use Zbrush 3D design software to combine my skills to create the next level of tattoo #Reference. 😊

Visit our tattoo shop in Blackpool to find out more about us and our tattooing and how we can help create and design your next tattoo.