Bio-mechanical realistic award winning international custom tattoo artist



Hey, I’m Holly – although I tattoo many different styles, I specialise in colour & black and grey realism.



Hello, I’m Chris – art has always been a big part of my life, growing up I really enjoyed painting and sculpting and took a lot of inspiration from tattoo art.



Hey! I’m Adrianna and I’m a tattoo artist who specialises in black work, line work and geometric tattoos.



Hi, my name is Jade and I have been tattooing in Blackpool for five years now and fell in love with the craft more and more each day.



Luke Barnes Tattoo Artist Hiya, my name is Luke and I’m honoured to be the newest addition of the inkden team, I’ve always had a […]



Pedro is specializing in black and grey and colour work.
He creates stunning realism.



Hello, my names Anna and I am the laser tattoo removal specialist in the studio.


22. 01. 2021

Biomechanical Sculptures

Biomechanical scrap sculptures In search of inspiration and reference for my tattoo designs, I have created a series of sculpture projects that represent body parts, […]

23. 07. 2024

Daren Cosgrove: Our Latest Guest Artist

At Inkden Tattoo Studio, we are thrilled to have hosted the immensely talented Daren Cosgrove as our guest artist. Daren, renowned for his intricate designs […]

20. 07. 2024


INKDEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TATTOOING ·         If you are unable to attend your session, please let us know within 72 hours to avoid losing your […]

20. 07. 2024


Studio has no parking space availible for customers. Please be aware. Inkden do not cover your cost of parking or take any responsibility for any […]

20. 07. 2024

Tattoo aftercare

Gently remove cling film 3-4 hours after tattoo is finished. Wash carefully in warm water. Rinse and gently pat dry with a kitchen roll or […]


As many will be aware Australia is facing one of its most drastic times in history. Since last September this wildfires have affected over 1 Billion wild animals.

With these very saddening times Shamack has decided to roll out another tattoo raffle. This time round Shamack has decided to choose the Australian Wild Life Rescue centre WIRES . 100% of all the money raised will go to this very much needed charity to help aid and continue their much needed work.

In return for each raffle ticket bought you have the chance of winning a full day session with Shamack worth £550!! You can see more of Shamacks work here.

59 tickets are available for this raffle the same as the national lottery. The bonus ball that is drawn on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020 in the main lotto will be the winning number. Please note this date is the last day you can buy a raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket costs £20 to buy with 100% going to WIRES Animal Rescue based in Australia.

Payments can be via pay pal, bank transfer or you can call in at the studio to pay by cash in person. To buy one of our raffle tickets to be in with a chance to win a full day session with Shamack please read below:


Thank you for your time and for everyone that buys one of Shamack’s raffle tickets a huge thank you in helping us raise much needed funds and awareness for this cause. Good luck!!

Dream Tattoo ? Here is how to be in with a chance of having your dream tattoo come a reality with our artist Maciek.


LIKE this post, tag two friends and comment with a short description of your dream piece.

Recent work done by Maciek in the InkDen studio.


Send us a private message explaining your dream design in more depth (placement, size, colour or black and grey etc) including a photo of your dream tattoo and also a sensible price you would be willing to pay for your dream tattoo….it’s that simple!

Once Maciek has gone through all your dream designs ideas he will hand pick one himself and bring your dream tattoo to reality for the price you have offered. Unfortunately we are unable to design cover-ups with this offer.

Good luck and may all your dreams come true!!

Please make sure to follow ALL the steps to be in with a chance of making your dreams come true, good luck guys!

InkDen Tatto Studio Gift Vouchers Available Now

Tattoo Gift Vouchers For Christmas. With Christmas being so close comes the question…what presents should I buy? Our tattoo gift vouchers would make the perfect gift for that special someone who is planning on getting a new tattoo or maybe to continue a tattoo already in the works.

InkDen Gift Vouchers range from £20 – £300

InkDen tattoo gift vouchers are available in the studio. Our Blackpool studio a little far away? Not a problem we can send out our tattoo vouchers 1st class to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas.

Tattoo gift vouchers can be used with any of our tattoo artists in the studio. We also do offer tattoo laser removal vouchers also. A perfect gift for someone who has a old tattoo they do not adore anymore. As life changes so can your tattoo ideas, maybe someone you know has a tattoo they would like covering? Tattoo laser removal can be a great option to fade a old tattoo. This makes a new tattoo idea alot more options!

Our tattoo gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the month of the voucher purchase. To see more of the InkDen tattoo studio have a look at our YouTube channel. To Book in for your next tattoo

Tattoo Gift Vouchers For Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the InkDen Team!!

The InkDen Team Wish You A Merry Christmas And Thank You For All Your Support!!

Tattoo Raffle With Shamack. A big congratulations to Craig who was the winner of Shamack’s tattoo raffle this year!

As many of you have seen he held another tattoo raffle this year with 100% of the contribution going to the much needed focus of the depletion of tress around the world.

After the huge crisis of the Amazon rain forest Shamack deiced to do what he could for this issue that dramatically effects all of us and generations to come more so. With this Shamack decided to choose 8 Billion Trees as his cause to help them in aid.

The raffle consisted of 59 numbers – the same as the lottery, the bonus ball would become the winning number. After 2 rollovers the winner was announced, this was Craig. Here is the photo of his finished piece which was done in the raffle winning day session.

Big thank you to Craig and to everyone who got involved, you have all donated to a very important cause.

The total raised for 8 Billion Tress was £900! An amazing result! Click here to read more about Shamacks Tattoo Raffle and 8 billion trees.

InkDen Tattoo Studio Top Fans Reward

Starting from December InkDen Tattoo Studio Blackpool will start rewarding our top fans on Facebook with the chance to win a £50 tattoo gift voucher each month.

We see all the likes, shares and comments that you guys do on our page and we would like to thank you all. We appreciate all of your support from word of mouth recommendation’s to supporting our online presence over all of our social media accounts.

Dream Tattoo Offer with Guest Artist Maciek

We will be selecting one Top Fan a month to receive a free £50 tattoo gift voucher. So this way we can give all of you a fair chance to be in with a chance to win!

As well as offering this great reward to you all we will be rolling out new offers to our top fans through the New Year. This is where you guys come into play, what would you like to see happen with our top fans? We would love to hear some feedback from you.

Shamacks Tattoo Raffle which saw £900 being raised for 8 Billion Trees

So how do you become a InkDen Tattoo Studio top fan? Easy! All it takes is:

Like our photos, share our posts and comment on our posts too. That’s it! As well as rolling our top fan rewards to you we will also be running tattoo competitions throughout the New Year. This year we have held tattoo raffles with all proceeds going to charity. Dream tattoo offers where you let us know your dream tattoo and the price you would like to pay.

This has been a great success in the past and something we will be offering throughout the new year also.

Stay tuned for more tattoo voucher give ways, InkDen competitions and tattoo give always!

Dotwork tattooing at InkDen:

Dotwork tattooing by David Cairns at InkDen Tattoo Studio Blackpool

Trash Polka Tattoo Design by David Cairns

Dotwork tattooing at InkDen is something we get asked about quite often. We have decided to create this new InkDen TV video showcasing our Dotwork tattoo specialist David Cairns.

Barbour dotwork and trash polka tattoo design by David Cairns

Growing up in a small town David has drawn all his life. Over the years his love for rock ‘n’ roll and comics influenced what he drew and painted massively. Next came tattooing for David. Especially dotwork tattooing.

Dot work tattooing style coffin tattoo by David Cairns

Over recent months he discovered the beauty of dotwork shading and will be focusing on this technique and will be combining it with neo traditional styles.

See Davids Dot Work Tattooing Video here

Davids passion for tattooing doesn’t settle at Dotwork. He has enjoyed tattooing on many different styles recently. Realism style tattooing has been something David has enjoyed also these past months and the outcome is amazing.

Tiger realism tattoo by tattooist David Cairns

As well as tattooing at the InkDen studio David attended his first tattoo convention this year at Wolverhampton Halloween bash. This two day tattoo event saw David start his Dr.Who inspired design over the span of the two day tattoo event.

If you would like to see more of Davids work, designs up for grabs and prints and merchandise feel free to check out his page!

“I’d love to book in with them BUT I bet they are booked months in advance“

InkDen Tattoo Studio Top Fans Reward

This is not always the case here at InkDen Tattoo Studio!!

As well as proudly offering our 3 resident guests artists we also have a vast collection of handpicked guest artists throughout the year, many who visit our studio a few times a year both in the summer and winter months. This means with our guest artist’s larger pieces like a sleeve design can still be finished in the same time as one of our guest artists!

Neo realisim Toy Story full colour thigh tattoo by guest artist Monny

Our resident artists alongside guest artists work in many various styles of tattooing, from Bio Mechanical to Dot Work to Cover-Ups, we have it all covered! We will always try our upmost to make sure you can get booked in the style you want, when you want it.

Our door is always open for walk-ins, both in the week and the weekend, some of our artists may finish tattoo a little earlier than planned may have some extra time in the day to get your tattoo done before the day is done!

So if you are interested in having a tattoo in our 5 star hygiene rated studio feel free to get in touch with ourselves, that months in advance tattoo you have been wanting could be yours a lot sooner than you think!

To view more of our guest tattooists work and to book in with our guest tattooists click here.

Are you a tattooist that is looking for a guest tattoo spot in 2020?

Feel like you can become a guest tattooist in Blackpool? Feel free to send us your portfolio to be considered for a tattoo guest spot at our tattoo studio.

To learn more about InkDen Tattoo Studio and about our tattoo artists feel free to have a look around our tattoo studio site.

or to see more of our tattooists and guest tattooists work head over to our YouTube channel.

Our last guest tattooist of 2019 is Monny who will be at the InkDen Tattoo Studio this coming December from the 5th until the 7th.

Shamack’s guest spot at INK-OGNITO TATTOO studio – Bio Mechanical tattoos at his guest spot!

Shamack has been busy away from the InkDen tattoo studio tattooing in Poland this past week from a bio mechanical rework to a stunning dragon tattoo. Ink-Ognito has an amazing team of award winning tattooists. Offering many different styles of tattooing from realism tattoos to neo traditional tattoos. Shamack was happy to add some bio mechanical to the roster.

During Shamacks stay at the studio he spent three days tattooing. Above is one of the tattoos done by Shamack during his guest spot.

Shamack was in his element while working on this Bio Mechanical tattoo rework. Below is the finished bio mechanical tattoo. What a great guest spot!

As well as tattooing at the Ink-Ognito tattoo studio for his guest spot Shamack also attended the second annual Zamojska Konwencja Tattoo convention in Poland. We will be posting more of the tattoo convention shortly. Maybe more bio mechanical?

Shamack documented his time at the tattoo studio on his phone and has been busy editing this short video of his time on his guest spot at Ink Ognito studio.

Here is Shamack’s video during his tattoo guest spot:

To see more of Shamacks tattoo work:


If you would like to see more of our tattoo videos and all things InkDen:


Dream Tattoo With David

As many have seen we have been offering the chance of your dream tattoo to come true. In the past we have held this amazing offer with both Holly our resident artist and returning guest artist Adrianna. We saw some amazing tattoos come to life and so many happy faces. We had to roll this our once again.

This time round David will be making someones dream tattoo come a reality.He will look over all your dream tattoo ideas and choose one lucky person!

Here are the rules to be in with a chance to have your dream tattoo come true. Good luck!

Click the link below:



LIKE this post, tag two friends and comment with a short description of your dream tattoo.

STEP 2 :

Send us a private message explaining your dream tattoo in more depth (placement, size, colour or black and grey etc) including a photo of your dream idea and also a sensible price you would be willing to pay for your dream tattoo….it’s that simple!

Once David has gone through all your dream ideas he will hand pick one himself and bring your dream tattoo to reality for the price you have offered. Unfortunately we are unable to design cover-ups with this offer. He may even choose more than one dream tattoo so fingers crossed!

Good luck and may all your dreams come true!!

Please make sure to follow ALL the steps to be in with a chance of making your dream tattoo come true, good luck guys! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this great opportunity!

If you would like to book in with David feel free to fill out our request form:


Alternatively you can call us on : 0795 702 17 02