The Elf on the Shelf

01. 12. 2022

“Dear Tea Amantes and INKDEN customers,

It’s me here from the North Pole.

I am happy to inform you that I will be spending the next few weeks at Tea Amantes and Inkden Tattoo Studio and Laser Removal Clinic.

Santa sent me here to keep an eye on everything you do or say to make sure you are obedient and kind.

I will then report everything back and let Santa know how you are doing.

Remember, the number one rule is that you cannot touch me because it makes my magic flee. Looking forward to spending time with you.

The Tea Amantes team has prepared an additional surprise for you!

For those who find me the most times, 4 special prizes will be drawn.

So, try to find me, in as many places as you can at Tea Amantes and Inkden, take a picture of me (cannot touch me) and send all of them to: by 22.12.2022

Winners will be announced on December 25 🙂

Love, Elf APJNJ.”