Why I’ve Chose A Career In The Tattoo Industry – Harmony.

25. 08. 2022

A question that’s seemed to pop up a lot over the first month of my apprenticeship at Inkden is “why tattooing?” and personally for me, the answer is quite simple – because I’d love to create permanent pieces of art that both my customers and I will love.

Art has always been a huge part of my life – throughout my childhood, both my parents were photographers, which I’m sure helped give me a boost up into the art world. I can’t really remember a time in my life where I haven’t been creating art (even if it was just stick men to begin with)! As I grew up, I realised I had a real passion for it and knew I wanted to head down a career that somehow incorporated my creativity. I set out to expand my knowledge and learn new methods and techniques by studying Film & Media as well as Graphic Design during my GCSE years – which only fuelled my passion further. With a couple of years away from the art world (as I became a single mum to a beautiful little boy) I’m now back and ready to keep pushing for where I want to be in life.

Since being a young teenager, and being slightly rebellious, I insisted I wanted to cover myself in tattoos from head to toe… although a good few years later, that still stands! I believe the tattoo industry is an incredible one to be in, with a wonderful community too, and I’m extremely excited to be starting my journey into it.

I personally think tattoos can be truly stunning pieces of art, and I’d be overjoyed to be creating them for customers. So, over the next year I’ll be practising as much as possible whilst building up my portfolio – and at a studio like Inkden I think I’m in just the right place to learn from the best. Harmony Nightingale.