Santa 3d concept for Christmas exhibition last year

06. 03. 2022

It might not be a right time of the year but I wanted to show this video as think it might be an interesting to see how this all was created from a sphere in Zbrush – 3d Software and rendered in Keyshot on the end I have added some details in Zbrush.

Whole idea was to show commercialised concept of Christmas which now has been pushed to the extreme and created this generation of multiple presents which has no thought behind only to has many useless and very often expensive gifts.

this was a first step and first render. it worked out to be to basic and had to add more details and realism to this design

This was looking slightly better and time was running out before the deadline so I have decided to add some more details in Photoshop

This was a final design to be displayed at Hive art Exhibition